Get off A-Rod’s Balls

So I was correct about my first tirade that Joba should be starting instead of coming out of the bullpen.
And I’ve been saying since ’06 that everyone should get off A-Rod for not being a “clutch” hitter.  In ’06 it was hard to defend, even though the guy was the reigning MVP of the American League.  But in ’07 he had a crazy, historic season and led the Yankees to the playoffs.
But now this year he’s a failure again.  Everyone wishes he opted out last October and never came back.

But can you imagine the Angels with A-Rod?  Can you see him playing short in Boston?

The  Yankees need his bat, his glove, his presence.  If he had opted out and walked away, no one would have even thought twice about bringing in Johan Santana.  This would have been a straight rebuilding year the likes those spoiled early 20yr old Yankee fans have never seen.

The ’96-’07 Yankees making the playoffs is a stretch unlikely to be seen in MLB in the foreseeable future.  Especially considering the team(s) with the longest running playoff steak besides the Yankees is is the Red Sox, Indians, Angels, Rockies, Phillies, Cubs, and Diamondbacks all tied AT 1!!!!

If you want to complain talk about how the starting rotation next year is still shaky, how the big three of Joba, Hughes, and Kennedy cant’ be relied upon to throw big games, none the less a lot of innings.

But to place blame on Alex Rodriguez, the man with two MVP’s in pinstripes, is ridiculous.  Without him their would have been no playoff race the last two years.  There would have been pressure on somebody else being in the spotlight of the bullshit New York tabloid media.  The Yankees would not be the same.

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One response to “Get off A-Rod’s Balls

  1. Joe

    The reason why everyone is all over A-Rod’s nuts is because he is the highest paid professional baseball player. If he was making 2 mil, no one would say anything. The one thing that has been killing the Yankees this season is the inability to hit with RISP. You can have the best lineup in baseball but if your hitters are not coming through in key situations, then you have 3-1 losses to Seattle for example. The Yankees have lost 16 times by only 1 run and have been shutout 8 times this season. Coupled with the fact that next season we are looking at a rotation consisting of Mussina(possible), Wang, Chamberlain (if they stretch him out in Spring Training), Hughes (if he stays off the DL) and Pavano (re-sign him at a lower rate) with Pettitte(maybe), Kennedy (unlikely) and Rasner (yikes) as back-ups and a sagging bullpen, they really need to rework this team.

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